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The Steps


Understand and Plan

You help us to understand the unique characteristics about your site. We need to know where photos are being taken and how many. Also, if certain locations have a higher priority than another. The more we know, the better we can design the video to sell new guests on visiting your property.


Gather the Assets

We will need video footage. This can be taken from promotional HD videos you currently have. You can upload to our site, provide us a link and we can download from your library, or simply courier them to us using a flash drive or DVD. If you do not have videos, we can send a videographer to your site and create them.


Develop the Rough Cut Video

Now the fun begins. Our post production staff will extract sections from your existing video footage based on your planning descriptions. We will put the extracted footage together in a sequence that fits the plan, combine it with two synchronized sound tracks and submit the rough cut for your approval. If change is required we will adjust and resubmit.


Add the Special Effects

This is the exciting stage. Now our effects editors can put the special sauce on the product, providing the sales sizzle, making your guests want to star in their own video. Video transitions, particle effects, and special sound effects can be added that will result in a final product, that is again submitted for your final approval.


Integrate into the Application

Once we have your final approval, we integrate the product into the Software Application, and test it for reproduction accuracy and speed. Once we have it right, we will provide a final submission of the product generated with the software for your final approval.


Start Selling

The integrated application resides alongside your current photo application, watching for new images to arrive in the designated file. When a set arrives, the application processes the images into the video and outputs a demo instantly for your customers to view. Once purchased, the product can be delivered to the customer in less than a minute.