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Simply stated, we are developers of software applications specializing in video compositing and high speed rendering. Our work is directed toward, but certainly not limited to, resorts, cruise lines, theme parks and amusement facilities where souvenir photos are captured and sold.

Other services provided include planning, video production, post production and animation to help streamline the development of site-specific promotional videos for our clients. A one-stop shop, takes your project from concept to on-site sales. Let’s talk!

Who We Are

is the developer of software that allows for the rapid insertion of digital photo images combined with high-end visual effects, into pre-designed videos instantly at the point-of-sale. The process has been in development for the past two years and is now in production in several countries around the world. Core to the success of the product is the elite team of highly skilled software engineers that bring this product to life. has earned a spot in the development of imaging software with some of the most famous and recognized photo imaging companies in the world, owing to the substantial scope of its services, and its ability to find solutions to the diverse challenges posed by each and every client project. Equipped with 3,000 square feet of development space in Southern Indiana, develops cutting-edge technologies that handle complex compositing required for its Integrated Rendering Imaging System, IRIS software.

The Penang post production studio boasts an international clientele that clearly values the technical expertise and artistic talents within the international team of editors, animators, and effects technicians that do the background video development that is specific to the various resorts, theme parks, and entertainment facilities. Equipped with 2,000 square feet of creative space in Penang, Malaysia, adopts a unique approach to handling digital effects, developing a cutting-edge production pipeline, while maintaining personalized project coordination. The studio works all the way through the artistic process from storyboard to the final delivery of each site-specific promotional video that spotlights the outstanding features of the client facilities, as well as their marketing brand.

Our History